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XAU shocked a lot of people in the last week, but we were ready for it and I have been setting medium term targets like 1875, 1850 and even 1800 for quite some time. On Friday the market closes below 1850 and within the candlestick analysis there are preconditions for further fall.
In the coming week there will be important news that will help to determine the medium-term outlook. Pay attention to such data as.

• ISM Manufacturin, FED Chair Powell Speaks

• NonFarm E.C., SP Global Services, Non-Manufacturing

• Initial Jobless Claims

• NonFarm, Unemployment Rate
Fundamental factors are a significant part of the leverage that drives the market. The DXY is currently under the influence of a positive fundamental background, which is quite negative for gold

From the point of view of technical analysis we see a strong distributive movement. The probable target of this movement may be the following zones: 1827, 1809, 1773, the targets are shown on the chart above. These are important liquidity zones in the medium term.

At the moment gold is in an empty range (no volume density zones).

The price can reach the lower boundary of the main flat - 1809 - quite quickly. But, on Monday, from the opening session the price may form a small pullback to form consolidation. The correction may be directed to 1860, or even to 1875, but there are no signals to start a strong growth now. We expect a fall to 1800

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