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ETHUSD → What's the significance of 2300? When's the growth?

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📈 ETHUSD → What's the significance of 2300? When's the growth?


ETH in the correction phase is testing the ascending support line, which divides the bullish trend into two planes. At the moment it is worth to pay attention to the level of high importance - 2300
This level was formed in the beginning of 2022 and has several confirmations, including the current consolidation, or rather the sawing of this area. The price looks quite strong, because on the unclear market sentiment, ETH is still above the support and buyers are not yet letting the price near the risk zone - 2230 - 2145.

The fundamentals are fairly confident for eth. The coin from further growth at the moment is restrained by a stop in BTC, which after a rally of a number of fundamental reasons went into a consolidation phase.

Support levels: 2300, rising line, 2145

Resistance levels: 2383

In the future, if the situation persists and the coin does not break the support, we should consider consolidation above 2300 with the subsequent breakout of 2383 and growth to the above target, as the bullish prerequisites are still in place