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USDCHF → False breakdown gives bullish momentum ↑

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📈 USDCHF → False breakdown gives bullish momentum ↑


USDCHF is forming a false breakdown of range support and uptrend, which opens the market to buy potential. CHF is weakening stronger than the dollar and this could support the uptrend
On D1, the price tested the MA-50 ascending average with a false breakdown, as well as a strong support area at 0.900. Liquidity capture and candlestick set-up form the price reversal and bullish momentum, which, from the point of view of trading inside the range, can lead the price to the upper boundary - 0.9216

Resistance levels: 0.910, 0.915, 0.9216

Support levels: 0.9075, 0.900

A break through the nearest zone 0.910 will accelerate the price strengthening. The bullish trend may continue.