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Trading signals for #GOLD → Strong bullish trend feels no resistance

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📈 GOLD → Strong bullish trend feels no resistance

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#XAUUSD does not react to the nuances of technical analysis and is actively growing. But, the growth is accompanied by a consolidation moment, which can become a lever for further rsot. Even against the background of the trend, the price is able to accumulate potential

The breakthrough of resistance 1877.6 is formed and the price aspires to the important level for the medium-term perspective - 1885. Most likely, with the current fundamental features, the level will be broken in the near future, but before that a correction or a retest of the support before further growth may follow.

There are a number of important news for the US market today. Worth paying attention to: Core CPI, CPI, Initial Jobless Claims. Lately there is more news about inflation stabilization, but it is not enough for the medium and long term. In any case, this is more positive news for the market. For gold, this is a positive nuance as the #DXY will continue on a localized downward course

Resistance levels: 1885, rising line

Support levels: 1878.6, 1877,6, 1872.7

In the long term, I expect a correction from 1885 and the formation of a retest back to the level for further breakout of the resistance zone

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