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Trading signals for #HIGHUSDT → Positive dynamics. Resistance retest

CRYPTO forecast
HIGHUSDT makes an attempt to break through resistance after a long downtrend. A set-up is formed, which can turn the market around.

The price makes a false breakdown of the support at 1.633 and leaves the range, breaking through the downward resistance.

The coin enters a new range, the liquidity area of 2.060 may be the target.

Bitcoin is showing positive dynamics and thus altcoins are starting to revive.

On the daily chart the moving averages are acting as resistance and the price is testing the MA-200.

Strong support: 1.633, the previously broken wedge boundary

Strong resistance: 2.060, 2.598.

If the bulls manage to keep the price in the green zone versus the previously broken resistance, then the HIGH/USDT will continue on its way towards 3.000