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GLMRUSDT → Activation of the bullish pattern realization phase

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📈 GLMRUSDT → Activation of the bullish pattern realization phase

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#GLMRUSDT is lagging behind the overall growth of capitalization and altcoins. The coin is starting to show good potential and strong bullish dynamics. If bullish potential emerges, the coin will start to catch up quite actively with the increased market.

While the captalization and prices of many key altcoins have flown many % up, GLMR is now starting to show patterns and bullish momentum, which is a good signal for potentially big upside.

On d1, price is breaking the resistance of the descending channel and forming an ascending triangle, whose resistance is also already broken. Our task is to wait for the price to consolidate above the resistance zone and the emergence of a set-up for opening long positions.

Potential targets: 0.42, 0.44, 0.5.

Moving averages form a great signal for a bullish trend change.

Support levels: 0.2950, 0.2680

Resistance levels: 0.335, 0.400, 0.42, 0.5.

I expect consolidation above the previously broken resistance area, after which the bulls may start pushing the price up

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