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NOT ▵ → Is a rally possible now? Why is 0.020 so important?

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📈 NOT ▵ → Is a rally possible now? Why is 0.020 so important?


NOT breaks the resistance of the descending wedge (bullish set-up) and forms consolidation inside the range 0.0169 - 0.0199. A retest of support or the previously broken pattern boundary before rising is possible

NOT under dump, after a strong rally, has eliminated some traders and may strengthen at the moment after the bulls hold the defense above key support and liquidity zones. The coin is in a consolidation stage after exiting the descending range. The market's transition to the stage of active strengthening and growth may be a breakout and consolidation of the price above 0.0188 - 0.0199. The potential of the coin both technically and fundamentally is quite tempting, but everything depends on the bulls.

Resistance levels: 0.0188, 0.0199, 0.023

Support levels: 0.0169, 0.0153

Since the price is inside the range, for an active price action the price must overcome one of the boundaries, the most likely scenario is a retest of the support (false breakdown) before further growth.