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Trading signals for #XLMUSDT - Breaking through bearish trend resistance

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XLM forms the bottom, relative to which the price develops positive dynamics. After testing 0.0758, a rally is formed and the price makes a retest of the trend resistance

As we can see, a three-day accumulation is formed in relation to the resistance. The market is obviously ready to continue rising, but in order to do that the price needs to overcome the resistance.

The resistance at 0.1035 is worth mentioning. The bulls may fight hard for this level and if they manage to hold this area, the coin will show a good result in the middle term, because the level of 0.1035 is the range support, whereas the resistance and the target for the price may be the upper boundary at 0.1305.

Support levels: 0.0959 and 0.0987.

Resistance levels: upper trendline, 0.1035, 0.1130

I expect a confident bullish position above the level of 0.1035. An indicator for this will be consolidation above the level. Medium-term perspective - growth up to 0.1305