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Trading signals for #CHRUSDT → The bulls are holding the price above resistance

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📈 CHRUSDT → The bulls are holding the price above resistance

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CHR breaks the resistance of the wedge and gives us a good signal for a possible strengthening of the cryptocurrency pair while the market flagship - bitcoin makes a volume shakeout

On the CHRUSDT chart below, I have marked the strong 25400 level. We can see that price is testing this area in a false breakout format. The problem with bitcoin's weakness is that there aren't many short-term traders. Most of the volume is with medium and long term holders, hence the activity which moves in cycles over a long distance.

CHR breaks through resistance, but the moment BTC falls, the price comes back and tests the previously broken boundary. At the moment of flagging strength, CHRUSDT forms a consolidation above the line and starts to turn the price up. An important resistance for us is 0.1092, if the coin overcomes it, it will open the way to the mentioned targets

Support levels: 0.0956, 0.0826

Resistance levels: 0.1092

As the coin has strengthened above the previously broken garnet, I expect a breakout of 0.1092 and further growth

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