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Trading signals for #IOSTUSDT → Resistance breakout amid TOTAL growth

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📈 IOSTUSDT → Resistance breakout amid TOTAL growth

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#IOSTUSDT is forming an attempt to break through the resistance of the descending wedge. Apparently, we have a chance to see a successful price exit from the range

#BTCUSD has been bullish for the past few weeks, which has a positive impact on the overall cryptocurrency market capitalization, as well as on some altcoins.

On the example of IOSTUSDT, we can see how the price is breaking the resistances of the descending wedge, which played the role of a consolidation range. In the near term, if the price can consolidate above the previously broken line, could show us a gorgeous bullish potential - an upward momentum towards 0.01083.

The MA-50 was broken earlier and the 200-day moving average may be tested soon.

Support levels: 0.00667, 0.00710

Resistance levels: 0.00943

I assume, if the price finally breaks the resistance and can consolidate above this line, after this stage it will head towards 0.00943 and 0.01083.

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