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GOLD → Trading inside the range. Target is support

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → Trading inside the range. Target is support


GOLD is trading inside the range. The markmet-maker is liquidating sellers relative to the 2180-2200 area, after which it forms a false breakdown of 2195 and returns to the range again
On D1 everything is the same. The market continues to form a sideways range. There are no reasons for the price to leave 2195-2144. After testing the upper part of the range, the market still has targets below 2166, especially the area of the lower boundary of the flat, as there is a huge amount of liquidity hidden there, which is clearly of interest to traders. Consolidation below 2180 may favorably influence the price down to 2166. A break of 2166 will send the price to 2150 and 2144.

Resistance levels: 2180, 2186

Support levels: 2166, 2150, 2144

Technically, the local trend is neutral. It is acceptable to trade both buying and selling. But the market has an unclosed gestalt within the range trading: liquidity area 2150-2144