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Trading signals for #MASKUSDT → Preparing to break through the resistance

CRYPTO forecast
MASKUSDT is squeezed in a triangle, a breakthrough of resistance can form an implus within which the cryptocurrency pair can strengthen to 6.990.

MASKUSDT is in an uptrend. It is worth paying attention to the strong support of the uptrend channel and the 200-day uptrend average. The line confirms the presence of a strong support, which was false-break-down three days ago.

Statistically, the strongest moves occur after a false-break-down.

We might see a break-up of the local resistance, but in that case the bulls will have to be tough to control the market.

MA-200 is a strong support

MA-50 is a resistance that might be tested soon.

Strong support: uptrend channel support at 3.758

Strong resistance: downside line, 4.840 level

I expect the end of the consolidation by break of the resistance and bullish momentum to 4.840, and then to 6.990.