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📈 GOLD → Consolidation phase and key boundary

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#XAUUSD continues to form consolidation in the range between 1928.8 - 1914.2. In the near future resistance may be tested, the price reaction to this level will determine the future direction of the price
Since the price is in the key range of 1928 - 1914, there is a probability of price bounce from the resistance. Further growth may continue after the price goes beyond 1928 - the signal for this will be further consolidation of the price above the level.

In periods of geopolitical uncertainty investors rush to safe assets. Gold is a rare bright spot in such turbulent periods.Geopolitical fluctuations are a good reason for investors to look for a safe haven in gold. Despite zero yields, the yellow metal is a preferred asset for money managers who want to wait out scary periods in world affairs. The moving averages are supporting the trend and on the Daily timeframe, price is testing global downside resistance, breaking through which price will get the 2000 mark as a further target

Support levels: 1914.2, 1909

Resistance levels: 1928.8

In the long term I expect a retest of the resistance. If the price breaks through and consolidates above the level, gold will head higher. With the formation of a false breakout and price consolidation below the level, the market will give us a correction to support

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