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Brief overview and determination of CRYPTO direction

CRYPTO forecast
Brief overview and determination of #CRYPTO direction

1) #BTCUSD 💰 - LONG 📈

The flagship amid a strong rally is not going down deeply. The market under the influence of positive fundamental factors is ready to strengthen further, but after a small consolidation. (there may be a correction)

2) #ETHUSD 🔹 - SHORT 📉

So far, the technical background is weak, but fundamentally ethereum is gaining high support. Most likely, the halt may end near the mentioned support, and then - growth


The coin looks quite strong in the current market. Technically, the price is ready for further growth. Consolidation above 0.0673 will give an entry point


Good accumulation after the rally. No dip, indicating a willingness to move further upward


Technically weak coin, but the fundamental is neutrally-bullish. Most likely, before the further growth there will be a fall to the mentioned levels at first


Correction after a false breakout. Sold off almost all of the growth, Price may test support at the bottom. No hint of near-term upside.


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