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Trading signals for #MASKUSDT → Tandem signal: resistance breakout and SMA crossing

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📈 MASKUSDT → Tandem signal: resistance breakout and SMA crossing

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MASK is forming a correction in the format of a descending wedge. A rather strong consolidation is forming at the base of the uptrend under the resistance of the wedge. What to expect from the price?

The coin breaks through the formed descending resistance and begins to form a bullish impulse.

Since the bullish signal is formed at the base of the trend, the price demonstrates a rather weighty potential of 70-120%

We have a tandem signal: moving averages crossover + wedge resistance breakout.

Altcoins have recently improved dynamics and are starting to show good results, which suggests that the cryptocurrency market may come to life in the medium term.

Support levels: 3,335, trend support, previously broken wedge boundary

Resistance levels: 3,650

I expect a retest of the 3.650 level followed by a breakout. The buy signal is quite strong and there is a high probability that the coin will show bullish dynamics and rise to 4.840 or 6.00

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