R.Linda Trading - forecast

Trading signal for BTCUSD→ Buyback of fall, Formation of pre-breakout consolidation

CRYPTO forecast
Bitcoin after a false breakdown of the key channel resistance makes a pullback, which made many speculators nervous. This reaction was adequate from the flagship, as after the strong rally it was necessary to form a pool of liquidity for further movement.

The price after the FB falls to the 50-day moving average, making a false-break through it and forming a bounce from the 0.382 Fibo area, which played the role of a strong support zone.

The price is buying back the fall in a few days and forming another retest of the uptrend channel resistance.

At the moment a consolidation is forming near an important level.

The price is squeezed in the range between 28000 and 31000 (marked with blue and red line). In the medium term, I expect a breakout of the upper boundary of this range with a subsequent rise to 36000.

Strong support: 28600 (false-break), 28329 (false-break) and 26655 (false-break).

Strong resistance: the upper boundary of the uptrend channel (breakout strategy), the 30000 level (breakout strategy) and 30575 (breakout strategy)

I suppose that the price may now form a consolidation near resistance of the key channel, but in the medium term I expect a breakout of the key line, a breakout of the upper border of the range mentioned above and growth towards 32376, then to 36000