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GBPJPY → The Japanese currency continues to weaken

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💡Ideas For GBPJPY 🇬🇧🇯🇵

📈 GBPJPY → The Japanese currency continues to weaken


GBPJPY is preparing to continue its growth amid the strong weakening of the Japanese national currency. Japan's central bank has been underperforming and is not about to do so
The strong bullish trend in the currency pair may be continued. There are no prospects for a trend change. The key target at the moment is 195.844

On H1 it is worth paying attention to the level of 192.78, the price is gradually creeping up to this level and continues to test it, forming a pre-breakout consolidation, technically and fundamentally the market may soon update the maximum and head towards the above target.

Support levels: 192.0, 191.33

Resistance levels: 192.78, 193.54, 195.85

The key emphasis is on the nearest resistance at 192.78. I am waiting for a breakout of the level with further consolidation above the zone and growth to the targets