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Trading signals for #KLAYUSDT → Buyers are breaking resistance. What to expect next?

CRYPTO forecast
KLAY has been forming a downward range for several months. After touching the lower boundary of the wedge, the price forms an active strengthening and breaks the resistance of the range. What to expect from the coin?

Above the level of 0.1551, near the wedge resistance, a pre-break consolidation is formed. Today we see the realization of the accumulation and the price breaks the resistance of the figure. This is quite a strong signal that a trend change attempt and a strong momentum may form. BTC starts to strengthen and pulls some of the cryptocurrency market with it.

The entire market has been in a freeze lately amid fundamental circumstances, one of which is the SEC claims against major cryptocurrency exchanges.

Support levels: 0.1551, the previously broken wedge boundary

Resistance levels: 0.1663, 0.1933

The bulls are trying to take the situation into their own hands, but resistance at 0.1663 separates us from a strong growth. If the buyers will manage to overcome this area, then the market can show active strengthening to 0.2340.