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Trading signals for #TOMOUSDT → a strong coin in a weak market

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📈 TOMOUSDT → a strong coin in a weak market

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#TOMOUSDT in a weak cryptocurrency market gives us hints of chic bullish potential. But this will happen under a number of conditions
The coin is in a range under the resistance at 1.5480 and under the downtrend line marking the direction of the global trend. The coin after a long consolidation and numerous retests breaks this line and begins to move into the phase of realization of the accumulated potential.

On the background of weak #BTCUSD (and this is important enough) TOMO forms an active bullish growth to the area of 1.5480, which is a panic zone for sellers. If this resistance is broken through, an increase in volumes will be formed that will start to lift the price, in which case we can catch a rise in price. Medium-term target is 1.9700 and 2.4390.

Moving averages on D1 act as support.

Resistance levels: 1.5480, 1.6640

Support levels: 1.3300, MA-50 and MA-200

In the future, I expect a continuation of the simplified struggle of buyers with the market, which may lead to a breakthrough of the above resistance and further strengthening of the price to important targets

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