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USDJPY → A strong buyer is willing to go higher

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📈 USDJPY → A strong buyer is willing to go higher


USDJPY does not pay attention to the behavior of the American dollar. The focus is on the Japanese yen. The currency is in a strong sell-off and continues to get cheaper, while a beautiful set-up is forming on the chart
Rising triangle in the global perspective and in the short term: on D1, on H4 and on H1. A beautiful situation, when the chart lives its own life and practically does not react to the behavior of the US dollar, which starts the correction from a strong resistance.

The trigger level for the Japanese Yen is 151.94, the break of this resistance will cause the formation of a strong bullish impulse. The structure will break when the support at 151.15 is broken, but not about that for now.

Resistance levels: 151.78, 151.94

Support levels: 151.15, 150.8

Technically and fundamentally, the Japanese Yen is weakening and will continue to weaken despite the change of actions of the central bank of Japan. The currency pair may renew the high in the medium term.