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GOLD → How will the news affect the price?

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📈 GOLD → How will the news affect the price?


#XAUUSD is forming a strong bullish trend, but there are some preconditions on the chart, which in tandem with the news can form an unexpected scenario
Today is the last strong news of the year. Namely, at 13:30 GMT Initial Jobless Claims will be published. (rlinda. com) Overall, analysts are expecting 210K relative to the previous 205K. This is bad data. But a big role is played by the actual data relative to the expected data.

• If the data will be higher than expected 210K, the dollar may break the local support and continue its decline, which will strengthen the gold.

• If the data will be lower than expected 210K, then gold will catch a bearish wave on the back of dollar strength.
Technically, we have a bullish trend, with strong support and liquidity area forming in the 2075 - 2069 area

• On positive news for XAU the price may test this area and after a false breakdown head upwards.

• But negative news for XAU will break this area and could send the gold price to 2050 - 2047
Support levels: 2075, 2069.3, rising line

Resistance levels: 2080, 2088, 2100.

Technically, gold is ready to continue to grow and this will continue in the medium and long term, (rlinda. com) but locally, the news can unpredictably affect the price