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EURUSD → The bulls are coming back. Trend change. Target 1.1

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📈 EURUSD → The bulls are coming back. Trend change. Target 1.1———————————————

EURUSD is breaking the downtrend pattern on a smooth change of fundamental background. Traders are selling off the dollar, which is favorable for the euro
A local bullish pattern is forming on D1 on the background of the global downtrend. Strong fundamental background is favorable for the strengthening of the currency pair.

On H4, the price is correcting after updating the local maximum and consolidates above the level formed by the gap. Bulls are trying to keep the defense above this area. The key focus is on the breakout of the 1.0816 zone. This will open the way to the zones of interest: liquidity and imbalance. Today is a day off in the US, the fundamentals are still in place, trading may be calm.

Resistance levels: 1.0816, 1.0852, 1.0916

Support levels: 1.078, 1.073

I expect the trend to continue, as traders are showing interest in the market. Local ATH may become a potential target for MM