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DASHUSDT → Bullish patterns and preconditions on a downtrend

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📈 DASHUSDT → Bullish patterns and preconditions on a downtrend


DASH is forming a conglomeration of bullish assumptions, attitudes and patterns. It is possible that the coin is starting to see a buyer, but it all depends more on their potential and interest
On W1, the coin is trading almost at the bottom, which is the 22.6 area, and the strong support in this case is the 25.0 area. Relative to 25 a triple bottom is formed, below which the market does not allow the price to pass yet. It is worth paying attention to the resistance of 39.98. The level formed back in 2019 plays an important role in the market.

The price forms a pre-breakdown consolidation as well as a symmetrical triangle and makes an attempt to break through the resistance.

Support levels: 34.45, 31.22

Resistance levels: 39.35, 39.98

The resistance breakout may happen after a small pullback to 34.45 or directly in the nearest future. But only a break of 39.35-39.98 zone will be an important key point. Consolidation above 40.0 will be a good signal for further growth by tens and hundreds of percent.