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MASKUSDT → Pre-breakdown consolidation before growth

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📈 MASKUSDT → Pre-breakdown consolidation before growth


MASKUSDT after the sell-off wave, which was triggered by the BTC correction from ATH, calms down and forms a pre-breakdown consolidation against the range resistance.
The coin forms a symmetrical triangle, a pattern that is a consolidation, but the price exit beyond the boundaries is accompanied by a surge in volume, liquidity and is essentially a distribution of previously accumulated potential.

Most likely, the market is aimed at the breakout of resistance with subsequent growth to the specified targets, for us it is 7.270.

Resistance levels: 5.132, triangle resistance

Support levels: 4.079, 3.090

I expect the continuation of accumulation with a gradual compression to resistance, which may soon lead to a breakout of the upper boundary of consolidation and further growth