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BITCOIN → Why did it drop to 60K? When do we expect 75K?

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📈 BITCOIN → Why did it drop to 60K? When do we expect 75K?

BITCOIN has been showing bullish prospects all week and has been consolidating above key zones, preparing to go higher, but on Friday the market changed to bearish and there is a reason for that.
BTC lost 3.3% on Friday and is currently painting a bearish picture. There are two reasons for this:

- Inflation related news, basically proving that inflation is still high at 3.3-3.5%

- Expiration of contracts for 1.15 billion. Put / Call ratio amounted to 0.64. Maximum pain point at the 62000 level. Liquidation of huge volume and consequently bearish momentum.

Technically, everyone is interested in one important question - when will the correction end?

Bitcoin continues to consolidate and collect liquidity at the expense of buyers. The market can test the key zones: 59300, 56500 and even there is a probability of testing 52900. But, the growth needs reasons and traders are still in the waiting phase.

The confirmation of the end of the correction, at the moment, will be the breakthrough of 64500-67500 and price consolidation above these zones. In this case, the global sentiment will change to a strong bullish one
Resistance levels: 61500, 64500, 67250

Support levels: 59300, 56500

Consolidation continues and at the moment the price is heading towards support. A false breakdown of one of these areas is possible before further growth.