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Trading signals for #PEOPLEUSDT → A break of resistance opens up the new range

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📈 PEOPLEUSDT → A break of resistance opens up the new range

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#PEOPLE forms a local bottom, breaks the resistance of the descending wedge and one of the key levels within the realization of consolidation. A new corridor is opened

As #BTCUSD tests a local high near 26800, an altcoin reaction is forming. Even though the SEC has postponed the adoption of BTC-ETF indefinitely, the market is getting a small influx of assets. Our attention is drawn to PEOPLE. The price breaks the wedge resistance and continues to form a consolidation in a weak market. Finally, the coin breaks through the key, for now, level of 0.01022. Consolidation of the price above the level will form a bullish potential, which my move into the phase of realization and within the medium-term perspective PEOPLE / TetherUS can reach 0.01433 and 0.0185. Altcoins have been strongly consolidating their energy lately, something may happen soon.

Support levels: 0.01022, 0.00846

Resistance levels: 0.01433

I expect the price growth to continue after consolidation above 0.01022 level

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