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Trading signals for #QNTUSDT → back to the up-trend. Resistance breakout

CRYPTO forecast
QNTUSDT gives us signs that we should expect strengthening in the medium term.

After false breakdown of key support, the coin is strengthening by 20%.

On the background of falling bitcoin QNT looks very confident. The price returns to the bullish price channel, making a false breakdown of the trend support.

If the bulls finally take the market in their hands, then QNT can strengthen to 160.00.

The MA-50 is acting as support, and a false-break-down was made. Statistically, strong moves are formed after the FB more often than not.

The MA-200 is acting as resistance. Price may test the moving average in the near future.

Strong support: MA-50, 112.5, uptrend channel support

Strong resistance: 118.0, 129.9

I expect growth from the support area. Within the uptrend the price can show good growth