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BNXUSDT → Stronger than BTC? How will this affect growth?

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📈 BNXUSDT → Stronger than BTC? How will this affect growth?


BNX is forming an interesting pattern. A symmetrical triangle is formed on the chart and after shaking from below the price strengthens and breaks the resistance, which in general prepares the coin for further growth
Technically, BNX is feeling better than BTC and looks strong enough to continue growing.

The price is breaking through the resistance of the 0.6200 range and is consolidating above this line on the low timeframes, while the cryptovalent market is in correction, following bitcoin, which is updating local lows.

If the bulls in BNX keep the price above the previously broken triangle and above the 0.6200 level, it will cause further gains towards 0.74 and 1.0

Resistance levels: 0.6200

Support levels: triangle resistance, 0.5663

Technically, the coin has the potential for further growth. We are waiting for consistent actions from the bulls with the purpose of realization