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GOLD → Fundamental reasons for growth. Target 2400?

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → Fundamental reasons for growth. Target 2400?


GOLD has been reaching 2354 since the opening of the session amid strong excitement. The price is leaving the trend boundaries and continues to form new bullish ranges
Strong bullish trend is realized on the background of important geopolitical news, related to the crisis in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, as well as a huge interest in hedge gold. World Central Banks continue to buy gold in record volumes.

Technically, gold is forming a small correction after updating the high on the back of bullish momentum from the opening of the session. There is a high probability that the growth will resume from the nearest support area or formal channel boundary.

Resistance levels: 2354, 2375

Support levels: 2328.4, 2303.7, channel boundary

Technically, the situation is complicated, as it is difficult to identify strong reversal zones, as the price is trading in a rally. In such a situation it is worth paying attention to support levels with the purpose of growth continuation, as well as local resistance areas with the purpose of upward breakout