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USDCHF → Breakthrough readiness. Target 0.925 ↑

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📈 USDCHF → Breakthrough readiness. Target 0.925 ↑


USDCHF looks stronger than the dollar. The Swiss franc is weakening strongly due to fundametal reasons. The bullish trend may continue with a break of 0.9142
On D1 earlier we saw a trend change, after which the market went into a consolidation phase and reached 0.9147. The market resistance continues to hold the price, but against the background of compression and gradual approach of the price on the background of volume growth, the sellers have less and less chances to hold the resistance zone. A break of the mentioned line will activate the realization and distribution phase, which will give us a bullish momentum.

Resistance levels: 0.9142, 0.9147

Support levels: 0.9089, 0.9020

Technically, a compression to resistance in the format of an ascending triangle is being formed. Impulse activation zone - resistance breakout.