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JASMY → Consolidation may move into distribution

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📈 JASMY → Consolidation may move into distribution

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#JASMYUSDT is moving to the phase of realization of accumulated potential. On the background of signal from moving averages the market before resistance forms pre-breakdown consolidation. As a result - breakout of the global trend resistance
If you pay attention to the BTCUSD chart, the TOTAL chart (Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization), you can see that against the background of the general crypto hype JASMY is quite inferior to the leading assets. At the moment, the coin is entering the phase of realization of the accumulated potential and against the background of a rather large gap, the coin can show a good, let's say "low start" and form a huge momentum.

At the moment our task is to wait for the price to consolidate above the previously broken channel resistance. Consolidation and forging of the bullish potential above 0.0060 will open us the opportunity to enter the market from a relatively safe position. Moving averages are supporting the market.

Support levels: 0.0060, 0.005025

Resistance levels: 0.006575, 0.00796

The market is beginning to show prerequisites for bullish dynamics. Price consolidation in the new range will give us a good potential.

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