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I didn't set a stoploss. Am I cool?

You must understand that trading does not exist without local losses and stop-losses. This is its main and basic component.


You, as a trader, must understand that stoplosses are a mandatory component of trading. Without a stoploss, the trade won't work!

Those who think stoplosses are unnecessary are fools. You have no business in trading.

Those who think that I, as a professional, should give signals without stoplosses - similarly. You are going to the same place.

A stop loss is a protective order that allows you to stay in the trade longer and somehow survive the initial stages.

But you're not going to stop there. You're thinking about how to move forward, aren't you?

Important! 📶

1) No one can predict a stop loss.

2) No one knows how many stoplosses there will be.

These two points are governed by statistics, which the trader gets from his trading practice. His approach to the trading system is governed by statistics.

3) If you get a stop loss, it does not mean that you are wrong (there is such a possibility), just that you must understand that the market is influenced by many reasons that can turn the price against the scenario.

4) You don't have to be afraid of the stop loss!

Here's why: you can't go without SL! Your main task is to follow rules such as:

4.1) Risk management

4.2) Money Management

4.3) Psychology

4.4) Basic rules of trade management, controlling your trade and keeping statistics.

⚡️Conclusion: Stop Loss is an indispensable trading component, without it you cannot trade. If you don't use stop-loss, the market will eat you up, chew you up and spit you out.