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Trading signals for #BTCUSD → FB before the breakout, waiting for the retest

CRYPTO forecast
BTC is testing strong resistance at 30575, but a false-break of the level tells us that the price is not ready to grow (at the moment). It might form a pullback or flat pattern below the level before rebounding further

Globally, we have a bullish trend, the price is getting stronger. The rally is followed by a consolidation and a pullback, after which the cycle repeats again. The price is gradually renewing its highs. Fundamentals are getting stronger amid a surge of activity and some positive investor interest news.

The moving averages on the D1 show us a bullish trend, the same is true for the weekly chart. The price forms a range after breaking through 25000. The range boundary is 30285 - 25000. I would not expect in the medium term a decline to 25000, most likely the price may form a consolidation between 30000-28500, after which the price will continue to form resistance retests for a breakout

Support levels: 29800, 28500

Resistance levels: 30575

I expect a consolidation or a technical pullback after a rally. Bitcoin is not highly susceptible to technical analysis, but it is excellent on fundamentals. Fundamental background is more inclined to a positive trend. In the medium term, I expect growth after the breakout of 30575