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GTCUSDT → Resistance Retest. Preparation before the breakthrough

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💡 Ideas For GTCUSDT 📈

📈 GTCUSDT → Resistance Retest. Preparation before the breakthrough


GTCUSDT is testing the trend and consolidation resistance and apparently has a chance to break through this boundary

The coin is forming a bottom at 0.300, after which the consolidation phase continues, but at the same time, relative to the trend resistance the coin is forming a pre-breakout consolidation.

Growing capitalization of altcoins, green cryptocurrency market favorably affect GTC, which can provoke a breakout of the mentioned resistance area.

The break of 1.344 level and price consolidation above this zone will form a bullish potential, which may trigger a bullish distribution after consolidation.

Resistance levels: 1.344, 1.650, 1.915

Support levels: 1.210, 1.060

I expect that the pre-breakout consolidation will favor the breakout of resistance and the price will eventually start to change the bearish trend