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Trading signals for #ROSEUSDT → Resistance breakout amid TOTAL growth

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📈 ROSEUSDT → Resistance breakout amid TOTAL growth

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#ROSEUSDT is breaking resistance after a rather long consolidation at the bottom. Consolidation of the price above the 0.055 level will give the bulls strong support

Against the background of active strengthening of #BTCUSD, growth of crypto market capitalization, many alcoins look bright green on the heat map.

ROSEUSDT can also get a prospect for active growth. The price previously formed a bottom at 0.0335, the next retest confirmed the presence of strong support, after which the consolidation potential was directed to the breakout of resistance, which the price successfully manages to do. At the moment my focus is directed to the level of 0.0550. I am waiting for the price to consolidate above this area to form a long position. Moving averages may soon form a confirmation of the breakout. Price is updating 6-month highs and this is a good sign.

Support levels: 0.0550, previously broken wedge resistance

Resistance levels: 0.05833

I assume a small correction from 0.05833, a retest of support. The rest depends on the bulls. If they are ready, the growth will continue from 0.05500 towards 0.0792

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