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Trading signals for #GOLD → Active strengthening, retest of a previously broken line

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📈 GOLD → Active strengthening, retest of a previously broken line

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GOLD has been strengthening during the last two weeks. The signal for this was a false break of support 1907, formed back in March 2022. The price is approaching strong resistance and its growth is starting to slow down. What's next?

Gold is strengthening towards the 1963-1965 area, with a key resistance line close by, which is the previously broken trend support. On Friday, gold draws a false break of one of the local resistances and forms a bearish candle. The session in the first half of the week could be bearish, but for now there are signs that the upside will continue.

Although the Fed is still aggressive, but their policy is not considered as tough as before among traders, speculators and investors. The dollar has weakened quite a bit and continues to fall. The index has broken through a key support area and has entered a range within which it could fall to 95 and even 90, which would be a strong enough momentum for gold to strengthen further to 2000, 2050 and even 2100
There are several important news releases this week and it is worth paying attention to expectations and the general fundamental background before they are released, as harsh statements can have a strong impact on the price.
From a technical analysis point of view, a strong resistance may be followed by a technical pullback before a further rise. Globally, the situation is neutral and looks even more bearish than bullish, but against the backdrop of the dollar may draw some conclusions

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