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GOLD → Nearby resistance could influence further declines

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📈 GOLD → Nearby resistance could influence further declines


#XAUUSD on Friday, after the words of Williams (Fed) falls under the sell-off and tests the low of 2015.6. At the moment, the market is calm and forming a correction after a false breakdown of support
For the DXY, a relatively bullish fundamental backdrop was restored on Friday. In all likelihood, the correction may be followed by a recovery phase, which could affect gold in terms of further declines. Let me remind you that at the moment the price is in the range of 0.382 fibo - 0.236 fibo.

On the H1 chart, (rlinda . com) the price is forming a false break of the support of the 2020 range and is heading towards resistance to retest this area.

The market still wants to take the price lower as there is an area of imbalance and interest for the market below the 2000 - 1975 area, but amid strong market manipulation by the Fed, the asset is trading slightly higher than it should be.

Support levels: 2020, 2015

Resistance levels: 2030. 2038. 2050

Still, we expect a decline after the resistance retest. The market is recovering fundamental background, within which gold may test lower support levels.