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📈 KAVAUSDT → Realization phase. Distribution begins ↑

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#KAVAUSDT is entering the phase of realization of accumulated potential. Earlier there was a retest of the bottom (0.530 area), the coin did not reach the zone and turned around, thus confirming the global market minimum
On higher timeframes we clearly observe the cryptocurrency market transition into an active bullish phase, capitalization breaks through the upper highs and heads upwards, BTC breaks the trend resistance, tests 37K and heads towards the targets I outlined in the BTC idea, and KAVA breaks the 200-day resistance.

On D1 we see a breakout of resistance after price accumulated near the 0.770 level. In a few days the market has already formed the prerequisites for the breakout:

• accumulation;

• long tail trap;

• V-turn formation;

• accumulation phase before distribution.

At the moment the price is actively coping with the task set for it, but in our case it is necessary to wait for the price to consolidate in the green zone. The area dividing the market into red and green zones is the level of 0.770.

Support levels: MA-200, 0.770, previously broken trend resistance

Resistance levels: 0.850, 0.960

I expect the continuation of growth after the price fixation above the support of the new range. Range boundaries: 0.770, 1.140

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