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Trading signals for #GBPAUD → Price continues to strengthen. I expect a breakthrough

FOREX forecast
GBPAUD is showing a chic dynamic based on the reversal pattern. At the moment the price is in a range and most likely the market will have to form a consolidation before breaking through the flat resistance.

Earlier the price acquires strong support from the 200-hour moving average. A strong consolidation forms a bullish position, after which we saw a rally to 1.90000

At the moment, I expect a retest of 1.90353 and the formation of a pullback to support in the near future. In the medium term from the trend support or from the level 1.89200 I would expect an active strengthening of the currency pair.

Support levels: trend bottom line, level 1.89200, sma200

Resistance levels: 1.90353, 1.91835

The pound continues to get stronger and the resistance of the range will not stop the price. I expect pre-breakout consolidation with a further breakthrough to 1.91835