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AGLDUSDT → Pre-break consolidation. Possible growth of 30-60%

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📈 AGLDUSDT → Pre-break consolidation. Possible growth of 30-60%


AGLD is forming quite an interesting set-up that can realize a growth potential of 30-60% in the short-medium term
On the high timeframe we see the formation of resistance at 1.404 and a sufficient number of retests of this area. In general, altcoins are strengthening quite strongly following the flagship, but AGLD is lagging behind, and the market is held back from the transition from neutral to bullish phase by only one level.

A pre-breakdown consolidation is forming around 1.400. Slow approach and gradual squeezing to 1.400 will signal a breakout soon. The price may go straight up without consolidation above the level.

Resistance levels: 1.404

Support levels: 1.286, 1.146

I expect a breakout of the resistance indicated on the chart, followed by the realization of the potential of 30 - 60%. Targets are indicated on the chart