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GOLD → Price in range, correction may go lower

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → Price in range, correction may go lower

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#XAUUSD is forming another range of 2050 - 2038. Retest of resistance failed to renew the maximum, thus the market may begin to form a correction to support.
The #DXY has been strengthening since yesterday on the back of positive US GDP data. The expectation was 4.9, the actual data: 5.2, which is positive for the dollar.

But the controversial situation here is that a more positive GDP has a greater impact not on the pricing of the dollar, but on the Fed's stance. Hence, with bullish data, Powell is getting closer to initiating policy easing and rate cuts.

Since gold is in a range and already testing the support at 2038, it seems that the correction phase can be stopped either at this level or test areas lower, for example: 0.382 fibo, 2035, 0.5 fibo or global trend support.

A strong rally ends with a correction and it is hard to say where this correction will stop.

Support levels: 2037.7, 2035, 2030, 2022

Resistance levels: 2050, 2052, 2059

There are important news today, it is worth paying attention to the Initial Jobless Claims, even relatively good news for the dollar (related to inflation) can weaken its price, as the market is waiting for news related to monetary policy.

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