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Trading signals for #NZDUSD → Resistance retest before NFP. What could it mean?

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📈 NZDUSD → Resistance retest before NFP. What could it mean?

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#NZDUSD is forming a local rally on negative news for the dollar. The unemployment rate shows bad indicators. Most likely on NFP the price of the currency pair will continue its growth, let's understand why!
It is worth noting that the Initial Jobless claims give a strong indication of what the NFP data might be. We get bad data on Thursday. And analysts are expecting NFP to worsen by half! #DXY consolidation in the narrow 107-105.5 range may end up breaking support, which will affect forex and #XAUUSD accordingly.

Last night NZD breaks local resistance and tests 0.5915. After the pullback a retest is formed, which tells us that the market is ready to break this area. Yes, based on the situation we have a high chance to see an active strengthening of the currency pair in the direction of 0.6000

Support levels: 0.5878, 0.5859

Resistance levels: 0.5915

There is a high chance of negative news in the US market, in this case NZD will start a bullish rally on the background of a possible fall in the dollar index. Follow the news!

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