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Trading signals for #STXUSDT → Price over the wedge resistance

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📈 STXUSDT → Price over the wedge resistance

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STX breaks resistance amid bitcoin consolidation. Earlier, a false breakout of consolidation support was formed, which influenced the trendline breakout

We see a prolonged consolidation formation in the format of a descending wedge. Yesterday, when BTCUSD began to strengthen on the background of weak positive news, Stack/TetherUS broke through the resistance of the figure. A day later, we see the price consolidation above the line and now, if the consolidation is successfully realized, the price may reach 0.5447 in the near future.

Regarding the indicated resistance - 0.5447. This line delimits us from a strong bullish growth. If the coin is able to break this resistance on a retest, then in the medium term we could see a rise to both 0.8779 and 1.1924

Support levels: 0.4371, trend line

Resistance levels: 0.5447

I expect growth to the resistance of the range with the subsequent breakout after a small pullback

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