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Trading signals for # XRPUSDT → The coin shows strength and bullish activity

CRYPTO forecast
XRPUSDT is strengthening. The coin is setting up for a possible renewal of the global high, but at the same time, there are no prerequisites for a price exit from the channel right now.
The price is testing the moving averages. After a false breakout or touch, there is a strong bullish reaction.
XRPUSDT continues to recover. A "Flag" pattern is forming on H1. There is a possibility of further growth
The price obtains a local uptrend line support, which is contiguous with the SMA-200, which only strengthens the line.
Consolidation between the levels 0.5078-0.5590 is forming. In the near future the price may test the resistance.
Strong support: 0.5078, moving averages
Strong resistance: 0.5590, channel resistance.
Weekly timeframe shows that the price overcame the strong resistance and the realization of the accumulated liquidity is expected in the nearest future.
I stick to the opinion, that we will go up to 0.5590 and to the channel resistance.
Regards R. Linda!