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GOLD → NFP ahead. Will the sell-off continue?

GOLD Forecast
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📈 GOLD → NFP ahead. Will the sell-off continue?

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#XAUUSD continues to form a local bearish channel after updating the high to 2150 and strong sell-offs to the current area. There is still a huge imbalance in the market and the price could go even lower to settle the situation
NFP could perfectly develop the expected scenario I have been telling you about since the sell-off.

Expect the data at 13:30 GMT. The Initial Jobless Claims report was released yesterday with positive data for the dollar. This could be a hint that NFP will hit the planned 180K, maybe more, instead of the last 150K. More bullish data relative to expected data will shake up the market. The dollar may strengthen, which will have a positive impact on gold.

Gold has made a false break of 2038 resistance and bearish channel and continues to trade within the downside range. The potential target is the target support levels rlinda . com. But before the news the volatility will be very sluggish. The market is saving the potential for realization.

Support levels: 2027, 2025, 2022, 2007

Resistance levels: 2033, 2035, 2038

News can be unpredictable, try to trade carefully before the news. We are expecting a more positive NFP, a rising dollar and gold falling to the previously mentioned targets, but anything can happen

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