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USDJPY → Rate hike negatively affects JPY

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📈 USDJPY → Rate hike negatively affects JPY


USDJPY is preparing to continue its bullish trend amid strong sell-offs of the Japanese national currency. Medium-term target could be 155.0
Amid the change of tactics of the Japanese central bank, traders are still negative towards the JPY and are still very much increasing short positions. On D1 the market still has a strong buyer in the currency pair, this can also be interpreted as the absence of a seller.

Previous: The central bank broke out of the negative rate trend by raising the interest rate for the first time in 17 years.

Resistance levels: 151.786

Support levels: 150.800

Technically and fundamentally, the currency pair is preparing for the continuation of the bullish trend. A breakout of the nearest resistance will signal a continuation of the upward trend