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Trading signals for #OCEANUSDT → Wedge resistance breakthrough. New signal

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📈 OCEANUSDT → Wedge resistance breakthrough. New signal

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OCEAN is making a liquidity shakeout from the support side. This maneuver gives a reserve of energy within which the price overcomes the resistance and breaks the wedge

As bitcoin tests an important support area (25000 zone) and then forms a bullish momentum, the altcoin market starts to react accordingly. For us, it is important that bitcoin's reaction is not a short-term correction, but is supported by the trend.

As for OCEAN - pay attention to the wedge (descending triangle). After the shakeout we see active growth and resistance breakout. Earlier there were retests and everything ended in a false breakout, so in our case it is now necessary to wait for the price to consolidate above the broken line, only then it is logical to open long positions in the hope that the market will strengthen.

Support levels: 0.3027, previously broken line

Resistance levels: 0.3335, MA50 and MA200

The market can perform quite well, but we need to wait for a more stable situation. I expect OCEAN to rise to 0.4477 in the medium term

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