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Trading signal for KNCUSDT → Strong consolidation after a resistance break

CRYPTO forecast
KNCUSDT forms a breakout of range resistance. But this maneuver came at the time of correction of bitcoin and the whole market, so these nuances restrain further growth of KNC.

The coin after the resistance breakout forms consolidation in a narrow range, forming a strong support area below 0.600 and a strong resistance at 0.750.

The moving averages are also indicating lower volatility and a period of consolidation.

Price is forming multiple retests of the strong resistance area, I think that with positive leverage from bitcoin and more positive market sentiment, price will still break that area.

Strong support: 0.650, 0.600

Strong resistance: 0.750 (breakout strategy) 0.850

I expect that the price will continue to test the resistance at 0.750 and after the next attempt it will still be able to break it and will start to realize the accumulated potential.