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📈 GOLD → The market is ready to continue its decline

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GOLD continues to form a descending price channel. On Thursday a candlestick pattern is formed indicating the imbalance of forces in favor of sellers

This week is published quite a lot of interesting news. It is worth paying attention to:

• 1) Core Retail Sales (no data, the previous ones were bearish)

• 2) Retail Sales (expected to strengthen)

• 3) CPI (expected to decline)

• 4) FOMC Meeting Minutes

• 5) Initial Jobless Claims (no data, previous ones were bearish)

• 6) Fed MI
From a technical analysis perspective, gold is approaching the strong 1902-1900 liquidity area.

Last week's session is closing very close to local lows, which can be interpreted as the market's willingness to continue to gain momentum for further declines. A strong bearish trend dominates the market.

Local support: 1912.5, if this line is broken, an impulse to 1900 is possible, but a rebound should be expected from the mentioned support, most likely a rebound may follow during the news.

Support levels: 1912, 1902, 1900

Resistance levels: 1915, 1920, 1935

Gold continues to decline, and most likely, from the opening of the new week the price may continue to fall, but in the second half there may be a rebound and local contrend strengthening

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