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📈 GOLD → XAU makes onslaught on limit support

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XAU continues to decline. Since the end of the last session the price forms a limit support level and forms a pre-breakdown consolidation. The realization of a false breakout of global resistance begins

The price is forging a local support level, but still has not updated the previous one, formed in late August. Consequently, the market has a target in the near term. This target is 1914.8, also the following areas can serve as a target: 1912,8 & 1903.8.

Let me remind - earlier we observed the break of the uptrend support on the background of DXY (dollar index) strengthening.

There is also a possibility that the market may form a small correction to 1926 before falling further. At the moment, within the medium-term scenario, I stick to a further fall in the price of gold. The moving averages are forming a reversal signal (the signal is medium-term in nature).

Support levels: 1916.7

Resistance levels: 1920

I expect the fall to continue either when 1916 is broken or after the correction to 1920-1925. ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖ ➖



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